A child's own immune system has the potential to cure their cancer. Welcome to Strong Against Cancer, a team effort that includes leading experts and people like you who will make cancer immunotherapy treatment a reality. With you on our team, cancer doesn't stand a chance.

T-Cell Immunotherapy Research Expands to More Solid Tumors

Diagnosed in 2014 with Wilms tumor, Mason had his right kidney removed and received 14 rounds of chemotherapy to beat his cancer. The care Mason received was lifesaving, but kids deserve better treatment options. STRIvE-01, a new CAR T-cell immunotherapy trial at Seattle Children’s will target relapsed or refractory sarcoma, kidney and neuroblastoma tumors, giving new hope to patients everywhere. Learn More...

New Immunotherapy Trial For Children With Brain Tumors

As part of the Strong Against Cancer team, you cheered on 12-year-old Avery while she battled a rare and highly aggressive brain cancer. Today, your dedication to accelerating cures for kids like Avery has helped Seattle Children's open BrainChild-01, a pioneering immunotherapy trial that will offer new hope to patients who suffer from brain and central nervous system tumors. Learn more…

  • Milton, Cancer Survivor


Immunotherapy is the next great advancement in cancer treatment. Through cellular engineering, we enable the body’s own immune system to heal itself—without the harsh and often lifelong side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

How Immunotherapy Works


of patients achieved complete remission in the clinical trial using genetically reprogrammed T cells to treat acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL)

The Results

Most patients see success within weeks.

Not only do most immunotherapy patients see their cancer quickly go into remission, the side effects of the treatment are less harmful than aggressive chemo or radiation. Finally, a more effective and gentle treatment for childhood cancer is within our reach. And we’re already seeing results: a recent Seattle Children’s pediatric leukemia clinical trial resulted in a 93% complete remission rate in children with relapsed leukemia.

Join the Team

We have the science. We have the track record. The momentum is growing. All we lack are the funds to bring this treatment to more young patients, more quickly. Will you join the Strong Against Cancer team? As Russell says, “Every donor can make a difference. Why not you?”

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Strong Against Cancer is an initiative inspired by discoveries at the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research at Seattle Children’s.