Jude is still fighting

Jude was not responding to traditional cancer treatment. Out of options for their 18-month-old son, Jude’s parents didn’t know if he was going to survive. "Two or three years ago, there would have been no option for Jude other than hospice care," said his mom. "Jude is alive because of this incredible research and the people who give money to organizations like Strong Against Cancer. We are so incredibly grateful to them all."

Jude spent five months in remission, and then his cancer came back. About two-thirds of the patients in the study remain in remission. Of those who relapse, about half are like Jude: their reprogrammed T cells don’t stay alive long enough to permanently keep leukemia at bay. In the other half of patients who relapse, the leukemia outsmarts the therapy by coming back in a different form.

Jude has already received another dose of modified T cells to fight his leukemia again. He can also pursue other treatment options. Jude’s mother, Barbara Anderson, hopes one of the therapies will put Jude back in remission and help him get strong enough to endure a second bone marrow transplant, which could prevent relapses once and for all.

“I always think about the first families who let their children get chemotherapy for leukemia,” Anderson says. “I’m so grateful for their bravery — it helped save so many kids. Hopefully in 10 years, families will look back at Jude the same way.”

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