Creating a World Without Childhood Cancer

Researchers at Seattle Children’s will cure cancer—but not without your help

What if we could cure pediatric cancer in this lifetime? What if we could remove the obstacles to that cure today?

Seattle Children’s doesn’t just have a vision to cure pediatric cancer—we have a plan. Our researchers have started clinical trials exploring a potential cure. The plan? Reprogram a child’s own immune cells to find and destroy cancerous cells—without the often harmful side effects of chemotherapy or radiation.

We have a plan and our team is strong. But to cure cancer, we need you on it.

Government funding for clinical trials is in short supply, and insurance doesn’t fund patient participation. Pediatric cancers receive less than 4 percent of the National Cancer Institute budget.

You can help cure cancer.

People and companies from all over the world have joined the Strong Against Cancer team by donating, hosting creative fundraisers and raising awareness about the incredible potential of pediatric cancer immunotherapy research.

Together we’ve already raised millions and launched clinical trials that have saved kids’ lives. Now you can help a child’s T cells save his or her life. You can make chemo and radiation treatments a thing of the past. Learn more about how you can help cure childhood cancer.

Breakthrough science

Cancerous cells make themselves invisible to the immune system, allowing them to grow and multiply. We can change that.

When a child’s body is attacked by a virus, like the common cold, the immune system responds. Specialized cells track down the invaders and kill the cells in which they reside, ensuring the virus can’t spread. When a child’s body is attacked by pediatric cancer, this doesn’t happen. With your help, a sample of a child’s blood will soon be the cure for his or her cancer.

At Seattle Children’s, clinical trials to treat patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia have already shown success and propelled clinical trials for other types of cancer such as brain and central nervous system cancers, as well as solid tumor cancers. Read more about our latest clinical trial.

Helping kids all over the world

Strong Against Cancer has a global vision for how this treatment can help kids everywhere. Doctors throughout the U.S. send samples of cancer patients’ blood to Seattle Children’s. International patients can come to Seattle Children’s to be treated or go to one of our affiliate hospitals in the U.S. where their blood will be drawn and sent to us. Researchers at Seattle Children’s will then reprogram the patients’ T cells so they are ready for re-infusion to fight each child’s cancer from within. In many cases remission can take place within weeks.

We are already helping kids from around the world, but with your support we will be able to help more kids, more quickly. Your support accelerates clinical trials and your donation will help cure cancer for children all over the world.

Patients enrolled in Seattle Children's T-cell immunotherapy trials since 2013